Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist

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Sean's mission is to mentor, motivate and physically train individuals to achieve their personal best while considering strategies to prevent injury. 

When you are working with Sean towards your fitness goals, you can be assured that he is considering biomechanics and sound techniques to keep you safe.  

As needed, Sean will assess your current injuries and pre-existing conditions and incorporate contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization and physical reconditioning to promote optimal healing.

The scope of practice of a Certified Athletic Therapist includes the assessment, prevention, immediate care, and reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries. Check out the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association website for more information. 

Many extended benefits providers (eg. Manulife, Greenshield) will provide coverage for Athletic Therapy services as they do for Physiotherapy.  This form can be issued as needed.